Individual work in voice and movement after Roy Hart in Dortmund

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  • Von: 1. January 1970
  • Bis: 1. January 1970
  • ab: 00:00 Uhr
  • bis: 00:00 Uhr

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  • -€ 50.00
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You don’t have to be a singer or an actor to discover the joy in singing and sounding. All what you need is curiosity, rejioycing in your own expression, and the wish to move and impovise.
Beyond right or wrong, being capable or uncapable we discover all kinds of voices, sounds and melodies which live in us: may they be bright or dark, wild or soft, playful or sensual: all of them are welcome.
Whatever lives in us we can give a voice (and expression) – our thoughts, imaginations, dreams, emotions, concerns or desires. It is an act of liberation which also helps us to discover, explore and integrate contradictory parts of ourself.

The voice work after Roy Hart is based on the research of Alfred Wolfsohn, who had been traumatised by World War I and healed himself by singing. Later he handed over his work to his most talented student Roy Hart, who continued researching and elevated the work intto a very new and interesting art form. Nowadays not only actors, singers, therapists, but all kinds of people feel atrracted to Roy Hart voice work: people who want to come into a deeper relation to theit voice – what means to their bodies and souls as well.

Direction Lutz Pickardt, theater director, diploma- and theater pedagogue (BuT), theater therapist (HIGW), actually in training to become Roy Hart Voice Teacher at Centre Artistique International Roy Hart (CAIRH) in Malérargues (France)

Further information on Roy Hart voice work (in engl. and french) you can find here: www.roy-hart-theatre.com