Ritual Play and Roy Hart Voice Work in Kleve – feat. Zwaantje de Vries

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  • Von: 2. October 2019
  • Bis: 6. October 2019
  • ab: 19:00 Uhr
  • bis: 14:00 Uhr


  • Theater im Fluss
  • Germany
  • https://theaterimfluss.de/

“The loving, open minded man plays without a reason and enjoys his life because he is joy. He imitates the dance of the birds and stretches his wings like they do. He is fulfilled with the spirit of the winds, the floating water, the warming fire and the nourishing earth.” [after Kabir]

This kind of play is the foundation of “physical theatre”: playing not for the sake of performance but rather to engage all aspects of self, our entire being.

In playful encounters we find ourselves in the flow of breath, voice and movement. It requires letting go, surrendering joyfully to the spontaneous embodiment and expression of our impulses. These become the source of inspiration: everything is valid, nothing is incidental; the duality of right versus wrong no longer applies.

Even resistance is considered less a barrier and more a way to access new possibilities. The whole world of emotions, dreams and fantasies is integral to ritual play and manifests as a source of constantly emerging shapes: one minute we are human, the next an animal or a plant or simply air, water or fire. In group improvisation, through body and voice, rhythm and space, we discover ‘archetypal’ images: prototypes of the soul or contents of the ‘collective unconsciousness’ (ref. C.G. Jung)

Ritual play is a special form of physical theatre without audience: everybody is performing at the same time. After an intensive body work and a series of exercises focused on awareness, encounter, and improvisation, the players gradually enter into a daydream-like state, which many of us haven’t experienced since childhood.

The roots of ritual play derive from a combination of the research and work of Jerzy Grotowski, Living Theatre, and, Off-Off-Broadway . It is for actors and dancers who seek to extend their expressive capacity, who are searching for a deeper understanding of a text, a theme or a myth, and indeed for anybody who is fascinated by the wildness and aliveness of free play and experiencing a deep submersion into something bigger than self. Ritual play taps a profound spiritual dimension.


What is Roy Hart Voice Work?

“The voice is the muscle of the soul” (Alfred Wolfsohn)

The voice work after Roy Hart is very much related to ritual play. Developed in parallel during the 60s and 70s, the approaches converge in the belief and experience that body, soul (the inner being), and voice are closely connected and demand expression and liberation.

This week long intensive is the first attempt to bring both approaches together in a workshop. What will come out of it is still uncertain, so let’s stay curious!

Further Information on Roy Hart Voice Voice Work


Zwaantje de Vries lives in Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Zwaantje studied theatre and dance at the Theaterschule Amsterdam HKA and fine arts at the renowned Rietveld Kunstakademie. For over 20 years she directed her own centre for dance and theatre Am Kanal in Hannover. She has collaborated with the Eisfabrik, the Theaterwerkstatt, Kampnagel Hamburg, and the Universities of Hanover and Hildesheim. She lectures at the Arnhem Artez Art Academy in Nijmegen, at the De Trap theatre school in Amsterdam, and she teaches at the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart in France. Zwaantje is co-founder of Pré-Poéten. a trio for improvised soundscapes, instruments, voices, words, and poetry. She sings in the renowned improvisational Genetic Choir in Amsterdam.

Zwaantje as well is a recognized teacher of Roy Hart voice work and performs solo and in interdisciplinary team projects in Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin.



Location Theater im Fluss, Kleve, Ackerstraße 50-56

Schedule Wednesday 19.00-21.30 Uhr, Thursday to Saturday 9.30-17.00 (lunch pause incl.) ansd Sunday 09.30-15.00 Uhr (lunch pause incl.)

Charge 250-390 Euro (decide yourself what you can give acc. to your income)


  • in pensions and hotels close by from 30,-/night, see booking.com (pleass book soon, many places are already occupied)
  • Airnbnb (from 25,-/night)

or in the rooms of the theatre on the floor (bring sleeping mats, 5 places max.)