Workshop: physical theatre– ritual play in Munich, Osnabrück, Kassel and Athens

Event Details

  • Von: 3. March 2017
  • Bis: 1. October 2017
  • ab: 19:30 Uhr
  • bis: 15:30 Uhr

Event Price

  • € 160.00


  • München, Osnabrück und Athen

“The loving, open minded man plays without a reason and enjoys his life because he is joy. He imitates the dance of the birds and stretches his wings like they do. He is fulfilled with the spirit of the winds, the floating water, the warming fire and the nourishing earth.” [after Kabir]

This kind of playing is the base of “physical theatre”: a playing which does not aim in performing, but allows us to be merged with our entire being.

It is a way back to the directness of expression. In playful encounters we find ourselves in the flow of breathing, voice and movement. It is less a ‘doing’ but more an admission to s.th. that wants to happen on its own. We use coincidences as the most important sources for our inspiration: everything is valid, nothing incidental, the duality of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is set out of order.

Even resistances are considered as a way to new possibilities. The whole world of emotions, dreams and fantasies is a part of playing and shows itself as a source of consistently emerging shapes: Once we are a human, once an animal, once a plant or just air, water or fire. In group improvisations with body and voice, with rhythm and space we discover ‘archetypal’ images: prototypes of the soul or contents of the ‘collective unconsciousness’
( C.G. Jung)

Afterwards the improvisations can be repeated, deepend and modellized: images and signs of great theatralical power and virtue come into being. The work is based on a literary text.

direction: Lutz Pickardt

schedule Friday 19.30 to 21.30 Uhr, Saturday 10:00 to 21.00 Uhr, Sunday 10.00 to 15.30 Uhr

Charge for Grafing 160,- Euro ** location incl. Accomodation in Gasthof Netterndorf  from25,-/night, breakfast incl.
Charge for Melle 240,- Euro** all incl. (location, accomodation and vergetarian meals)
Charge for Kassel 160,- Euro ** location incl. Accomodation
Charge for Athens further information very soon

** reduction possible on enquiry