Songs of my life – Roy Hart Voice and Body Work

Event Details

  • Von: 11. June 2022
  • Bis: 24. July 2022
  • ab: 10:00 Uhr
  • bis: 16:00 Uhr


“Follow your heart as long as you live,
do no more than what is demanded.
Do not shorten your time of leisure,
because it’s an abomination to your Ka,
when you don’t listen to the voice of your heart…”
(From the teachings of Ptahhotep, Egyptian Book of the Dead)

What is the voice of our heart? Often we lose ourselves in everyday life, have a thousand things to do, work, children, household… Who are we, where do we come from, and where do we want to go? Questions that often take a back seat until we can hardly remember them. But suddenly we hear a certain song and our heart starts swinging again. We read a poem and feel deeply touched – sometimes without knowing why. We are “here” again.

Many songs and lyrics are bound to certain experiences or phases from our past – to a special love, the time after a separation or to a special day we will never forget.

Our workshop series “songs of my life” revolves around these kinds of lyrics, around these special songs. We will sing them from the bottom of our hearts, speak, call or whisper their lyrics to others, play with them, experiment and search for the hidden stories behind them – and let ourselves be surprised by what we discover: with the help of Roy Hart’s voice work and elements of physical and movement theatre.

Previous experiences or special talents are neither necessary nor obstructive, curiosity and playfulness are enough.

Further information on Roy Hart Voice Work

dates 21./22. March – 23./24. May and 13./14. June

location Hiberniaschule Herne, Holsterhauser Strasse 70

schedule Saturday 10-18, Sunday 10-16 o’clock

charge  120-170 Euro per workshop (you decide what you can pay, acc. to your income)
students and unemployed pay 60 euros only/workshop*
*add. rent for the location (max. 10 euros/weekend)

In ‘Songs of my life’ I combine my longterm experiences in (physical) theatre, dance and movement improvisation with Roy Hart’s voice work.