main productions

sommernachtstraum_1Life On Rose – solo performance, written and performed by Ingrid Saalfeld in Dortmund 1993

Atlantis- international body and mask theatre production with young people from Poland, Romania, France and Germany in Lubmin (Greifswald), performaned in Germany and France 1994

Desire For Love – multicultural youth theatre production with Michael Machnik (music) at the Werkhof Hohenlimburg, Hagen 1995

Mask Over Bosnia – international mask performances with youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in Walberberg and Königswinter 1998-2001
Organizer: Campus 15 e.V.

(Don’t) Get Off With Me! – theatre meets hip hop with Michael Machnik (music), Bochum 1999

Wild Love – theatre meets hip hop with Cora E (rap), Kempen and Herten 2000

Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare – international youth theatre performance with participants from Spain, Belgium and Germany, Dortmund 2000

‚Love Or Die!’ – a sad but beautiful story about love, hate and  desperation, inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. A four generations production (children, juveniles, adults and seniors) in Herten 2000

LIve Thrill And Death Dance – dance and theatre performance on the topic of ‘death and life’ with pupils in Waldkraiburg (near Munich) 2001

Children Of The Night –  (physical) theatre production about life, love and death, based on ‘je moet ermee leven’ by “Het Werkteater Amsterdam”, with nurses in training in Witten 2001

‘Jenny’ or: a girl grows up – a (motion) theatre piece with music (by Micharel Machnik) – the ninth production of TraumTanzTheater in Herten 2001

Rebellion of Life – a ritual theatre and dance performance about ‘easter’ in the church Christkönig in Waldkraiburg/Munich 2002

Rap ‘o Mania – a Rap-Musical with Gandhi Chahine (S.O.G.) about two gangs who are really enemies, and a love-story  à la Romeo und Juliett. Herten 2002

ANGSTHASEN [engl.: COWARDS] – a phantastic (motion) theatre piece with music (M.Machnik) about ‘Fear’ and ‘Life’. The tenth production of TraumTanzTheater in Herten 2002

Playing Out – The Rapside-Story.  A Hip-Hop Musical in collaboration with Gandhi Chahine (rap, Sons Of Gastarbeita)) around love, foolness and violence. Studio Recordings: Germaine Bleich (Sons Of Gastarbeita). Witten 2003

Hey Man, Let Me Help You! (appointed production) A theatre piece concerning the problems of helping in professional contexts, developed as impulse for the conference ‚Give Poverty a Voice’ to support encounters of helpers and clients. Bochum 2003

LIGHTbeings – a moving theatre piece around ‘angels’ – the 11th production of TraumTanzTheater in Herten 2003

YASEMIN – German-Turkish Youth Theatre in cooperation with Youth Church TABGHA. A current story around a love which hardly has a chance. Oberhausen 2004

A Midsummernight’s Dream – Experimental Performance in 8 Pictures, Theaterlabor Bochum 2004

METAMORPHOSIS – Ritual Theater about life, love, and the death, Theaterlabor Bochum 2005 (Continuing 2006)

Saved – a production with ‘Haager Bühne’, inspired by Edward Bond’s Drama. Premiere at ‘oberbayrische Jugendkulturtage’ in Waldkraiburg 2005

The Old Man And The Girl – “TraumTanzTheater goes Film”. Herten 2005

METAMORPHOSEN II – Ritual Theater about Life, Love, and the Death. Theaterlabor Bochum 2006

StreetKIDZ – Theater meets Hip Hip and Street Dance. Pilot project in cooperation with the dance group G.O. Entertainment in Berlin 2006

My Home is where my Heart is – Theater performance about ‘Homeland’, TraumTanzTheater 2006

StreetKIDZ II – Love between the Worlds – Theater meets Hip Hop and Dance. A Story about forbidden love in a muslim environment. With SaN (Rap) and Sandra Peuthert (Choreography), Berlin 2006

Paths through the Labyrinth – Portrait of a Generation. Theater Dionysos, Debut of the Seniors in Theater Marl 2006

Make Love Not War – A piece about the seventies with a lot of music (guitar/vocals: Ingo Preukschat), Theaterlabor Bochum 2007

Julischka and the Magic Mill – inspired by ‘Krabat’ from Ottfried Preussler, TraumTanzTheater 2007

Blossoms in the Moor of the Forgotten – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2007

Poor and Rich or: Searching for Luck – Theater Laboratory Bochum 2008

Metamorphosis or: Terror in Head – with Yassine Abid (Religion Scientist) and Sinan Uckan (Rap-Texts and Performance). Youth Music Theater, Essen 2009

Times of Change – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2009

Fratricidal War – with Sinan Uckan (Rap-Texts and Performance). Youth-Theater around the Conflict between Turks and Curds in Germany, Essen 2010

Seven Mortal Sins – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2010

The Parzival-Projevct with Michael Machnik (music). Theaterlabor Bochum 2010

REFUGE with Kama Frankl (Dance) – theater- and dance perfromance with young people from 6 countries. Essen 2010

Die Räuber (Schiller) – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2011

Changing HBruderkriegomeland feat. Sinan Relax (Rap) and Rizkar Nasir (Song) – refugees from Syria between country idyll and life in the city dschungel, Essen 2012

Courage (M.U.T.) – Theater meets Hip Hop, (with Sinan Relax) about violence and courage, Essen 2012

dream worlds… metamorphosis – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2012

Facebook-Stories – (Don’t) Like It feat. BigPop (Choreografie), Theater meets Dance, Essen 2013

The Nature of Evil – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2013

The Chance of your Life – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2014

Paradise NOW! – Theater meets Hip Hop with refugees from Eritrea, Afghanistan and Somalia, Hamburg 2015

Mr. Biedermann and his brave new world – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2015

W.A.R. – theater and dance performance with  youths and seniors about living in war. Essen 2015

(Hi)stories without coal – film project/ docu fiction around a coal mine. Herten 2016

Only love is stronger than death. Theater and dance performance feat. Erika Knauer (choreography) – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2016

SPACES in between  – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2018

Concerned Citizens or: how do we get rid of the elephant? – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2019

The fisherman and his wife – Theater Dionysos, Marl 2020