Theatre Dionysos presents: Orpheus and Eurydice

Event Details

  • Von: 4. July 2024
  • Bis: 4. July 2024
  • ab: 19:30 Uhr
  • bis: 21:00 Uhr


  • Theater Marl
  • Am Theater 1
  • Marl
  • 45768
  • Germany

It is one of the most famous love stories of antiquity: Orpheus, the gifted singer and musician, enchants not only people and animals, but even trees and stones with his voice. Everyone falls for him and wants to be close to him. When he meets the nymph Eurydice, it is love at first sight and the two soon decide to marry. Everything could be so beautiful if it weren’t for the jealous shepherd Aristaeus, who is stalking them and wants to kill Orpheus. The lovers flee, Eurydice dies and Orpheus is in despair. A deep sadness overcomes him until he decides to descend into the world of the dead to bring back his beloved… how is that possible? The adventure begins.

This mysterious story forms the basis of Theater Dionysos’ new production. What is the story behind this story? What does Eurydice stand for, is it possibly about our soul…? Can we lose it? And if so, how do you get it back?

Look forward to entertaining and profound movement theater that is not only fun, but also very thought-provoking.

Actors: Max Kolze, Martine Anuta, Melanie Kern, Jutta Brückner, Martin Schröder, Irmtraud Schlinghoff, Jennifer Taugs, Janina Welp, Hans-Gerd Henke, Anita Kolb

Director: Lutz Pickardt – www.lutz-pickardt.de

Organization: Theater Marl

PREMIERE 04. July, 19:30 at Theater Marl, Am Theater 1, 45768 Marl

Tickets will soon be available at i-punkt im Marler Stern


Theater Dionysos, citizens’ stage at Theater Marl

Theater Dionysos has been performing together since 2006 and has made a real name for itself in the Ruhr region – for theater that is not only entertaining, but also very thought-provoking. With each of their productions, the group goes on a small tour in NRW: e.g. to Recklinghausen, Herten, Essen, Dortmund … The group has also played in Münster and Hamburg, and even at a festival in Italy in 2010. In 2016, they celebrated their 10th anniversary and realized their old dream: to open their doors and play together with young people. With the play “Only love is stronger than death”, the senior theater became an intergenerational theater group in which play enthusiasts between the ages of 42 and 78 now perform together on stage.

They work with methods from acting, dance and movement theater, first exploring, experimenting, then condensing, until the production is staged. At the beginning of the rehearsal period, it is not yet clear what the result will be. The actors develop and determine which production will emerge during the rehearsal phase. The result is always a world premiere, a play that has never been done before.

Artistic director of Theater Dionysos is director and theatre pedagogue Lutz Pickardt.